Privacy Policy

Laurèl company privacy policy

Laurèl company privacy policy

We would like to thank you for visiting our website and appreciate your interest in our company. We take the task of protecting your personal data very seriously. We process your data in accordance with the applicable legal provisions for the protection of personal data, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the country-specific implementation laws applicable to us. Via this privacy policy, we provide you with comprehensive details about how your personal data is processed by Laurèl and the rights to which you are entitled.

Personal data is any form of data which can be used to help identify an individual. This particularly includes your name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address but also your IP address.

Anonymous data exists if no personal reference to the user can be established. 


Responsible body and data protection officer

Laurèl GmbH
Einsteinring 28
85609 Aschheim / Munich

Contact information:
Tel.: +49 (0) 711 / 7252304 260
Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 99888131
Email address:


Contact details of the Data Protection Officer:


Your rights as an affected party

We would like to start by informing you about your rights as an affected party. These rights are standardised in Articles 15 - 22 of the EU GDPR. These measures include:

  • The right to information (Art. 15 EU GDPR),

  • The right to deletion (Art. 17 EU GDPR),

  • The right to rectification (Art. 16 EU GDPR),

  • The right to data portability (Art. 20 EU GDPR),

  • The right to restriction of processing (Art. 18 EU GDPR),

  • Right to object to data processing (Art. 21 EU GDPR).

To exercise these rights, please contact:

The same applies if you have questions about data processing in our company. You are also entitled to submit an appeal to a data protection supervisory authority.


Rights to object

Please note the following concerning rights of objection:

If we process your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, you have the right to object to this data processing at any time without citing reasons. This also applies to profiling insofar as it is connected with direct advertising.

If you object to processing for the purposes of direct marketing, we will no longer process your personal data for these purposes. The objection is free of charge and can be made without a form, if possible to:

In the event that we process your data to safeguard legitimate interests, you can object to such processing at any time citing grounds based on your particular situation; this also applies to profiling based on these provisions.

In this case, we will refrain from any further processing of your personal data unless we can prove compelling reasons worth protecting that justify the processing and outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms or the processing serves to assert, exercise or defend legal claims.



Purposes and legal bases of data processing

We comply with the regulations of the EU-GDPR and all other valid data protection regulations at all times while processing your personal data. The legal bases for data processing result in particular from Art. 6 EU-GDPR.

We use your data to initiate business, meet contractual and legal obligations, execute the contractual relationship, offer products and services and strengthen the customer relationship, which may also include analyses for marketing purposes and direct advertising.

If you subscribe to our free newsletter, we will inform you regularly about new products, valuable tips and news as well as exclusive offers. After registration you will receive an email with a confirmation link, which you can click to complete the registration. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained in each mailing or by sending an email to
We will use your email address exclusively for our own advertising purposes for sending newsletters, irrespective of how the contract is processed, provided that you have expressly consented to the same.
Your declaration of consent in this regard is as follows: “Register now".
You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by using the corresponding link in the newsletter or by sending an email to
Your email address will then be deleted from the mailing list. 

In addition, within the scope of the legal permission provided according to Section 7 para. 3 Act Against Unfair Competition, we are entitled to use the email address you provided when purchasing a chargeable service for direct advertising for our own similar products or services. If you no longer wish to receive advertising for similar products or services, you can object to the relevant use of your email address at any time, incurring no charges except the transmission costs in line with basic rates. You can unsubscribe from the product recommendations by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained in each mailing or by sending an email to


Your consent is also a data protection permission regulation. Here, we would like to inform you about the purposes of data processing and your right of revocation. If the consent also refers to the processing of special categories of personal data, we will expressly point this out to you in the consent.

Processing of special categories of personal data as defined by Art. 9 para. 1 EU-GDPR only takes place if required by legal regulations and there is no reason to assume that your legitimate interest in the exclusion of the processing prevails.


Distribution to third parties

We will only pass on your data to third parties within the framework of legal regulations or with appropriate consent. Otherwise, data will not be passed on to third parties unless we are obliged to do so by mandatory legal provisions (transfer to external bodies such as supervisory authorities or law enforcement authorities).


Recipients of data / categories of recipients

Within our company, we ensure that the only parties receiving your data are those requiring the same to meet their contractual and legal obligations.

Service providers often support the efforts of our specialist departments in fulfilling their tasks. The data protection agreements required have been concluded with all service providers. This includes the logistics & dispatch of your online order, the payment service you have chosen as a payment method, a credit check where applicable, the technical developers who have access to your personal data as well as the online marketing service provider.


Transfer to a third country / Intention to transfer to a third country

Data will only be transmitted to third countries (outside the European Union or the European Economic Area) if required to comply with the contractual obligation, required by law or where you have given us your consent.




Data storage duration

We store your data as long as it is needed for the respective processing purpose. Please note that numerous retention periods mean (oblige) the continued storage of data. This applies in particular to commercial or tax storage obligations (e.g. German Commercial Code, Fiscal Code, etc.). In the absence of any further storage obligations, the data will be routinely deleted once the relevant purpose has been achieved.

In addition, we may also retain data if you have given us permission to do so or if legal disputes arise and we use evidence within statutory limitation periods of up to thirty years; the regular limitation period is three years.


Secure transmission of your data

We use appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect the data stored by us against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons. The security levels are continuously checked in cooperation with security experts and adapted to new security standards.

Data exchanges from and to our website are always encrypted. We use HTTPS as the transmission protocol for our website and apply the current encryption protocols in each case.
We also offer our users content encryption for contact forms and applications. We are the only party capable of decrypting this data. There is also scope to use alternative communication channels (e.g. postal mail).


Obligation to provide the data

A range of personal data is required to establish, execute and terminate the obligation and meet the associated contractual and legal obligations. The same applies to the use of our website and the various functions it provides.

We have summarised the details for you in the next section. In certain cases, data must also be collected or made available on the basis of legal regulations. Please note that it is not possible to process your request or meet the underlying obligation without providing this data.


Categories, sources and origin of data

The nature of the data we process is determined by the respective context: This depends on whether you place an order online or enter an enquiry in our contact form and whether you send us an application or submit a complaint.

Please note that we may also make information available separately at a suitable location for special processing situations, e.g. when uploading application documents or making a contact request.


When you visit our website, we collect and process the following data:

  •  Name of the Internet service provider

  •  Details of the website from which you are visiting us

  •  The web browser and operating system used

  •  The IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider

  •  Requested files, transferred data volume, downloads/file export

  •  Information about the websites you visit, including date and time

  •  For technical safety reasons (particularly to prevent

  attempted attacks on our web server) these data are stored according to art. 6 paragraph lit. F EU-GDPR. The data (log files) generated by the web server are deleted after 7 days.





In the context of a contact inquiry we collect and process the following data:

  • Family name, first name

  • Contact details (email address, phone number)

  • Information on wishes and interests (comments)


In the course of the order, we process the following data:

  • Salutation

  • Family name, first name

  • Birthdate

  • Delivery address 

  • Billing address

  • Date & time of order

  • IP address

  • Shopping basket

  • Email address

  • Data which may legitimately be processed from other sources


For newsletters we collect and process the following data:

  • Email address

  • Birthdate

  • Date of registration

  • IP address

  • Shopping basket

  • Analytical data from newsletter evaluation, where applicable


For lotteries, we collect and process the following data:

  • Family name, first name

  • Mailing or street address

  • Email address (depending on the notification channel)

Contact form / Contact by email (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a, b EU-GDPR)

There is a contact form on our website which can be used for electronic contact. If you write to us using the contact form, we will process the information you provide there to contact you and answer your questions and requests.

Here, in line with the principle of data economy and data avoidance, you are only required to provide the data that we absolutely need to contact you. This includes namely your email address, your name and the contents of the message field itself. In addition, your IP address is processed for technical reasons and for legal protection. All other data are voluntary fields and can be entered optionally (e.g. to provide more individual answers to your questions).

If you contact us by email, we will process the personal data provided in the email solely for the purpose of processing your inquiry.


Newsletter (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a EU-GDPR)

You can subscribe to a free newsletter on our website. The email address specified when registering for the newsletter will be used to send the newsletter.

Here, in line with the principle of data economy and data avoidance, only the email address (and, if applicable, the name for personalised newsletters) is marked as a mandatory field. For technical reasons and for legal protection, your IP address will also be processed when registering to receive the newsletter.

Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time via the unsubscription option provided in the newsletter and thus revoke your consent. You also have the option of unsubscribing directly from the newsletter mailing at any time via our website.




Lottery / advertisement consent (Art. 6 I 1 a, b EU-GDPR)

We give you the chance to take part in our competition. If you fill in the competition form, we will process the data provided there exclusively for the purpose of the competition.


The principle of data economy and data avoidance is observed, in that you need only provide the data that we absolutely need to carry out the competition and notify you of your winnings. This includes, e.g. your name, email address and & service/postal address.


Obligatory fields are marked with (*). For technical reasons and for legal protection, your IP address will also be processed. The other fields are optional and can be completed if you wish. Unfortunately, taking part in the competition is only possible if you complete the mandatory fields. Participation will then, however, be impossible.


Webshop (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b EU-GDPR)

We process the data provided by you within the scope of the order form only to implement or execute contractual relationship, unless you agree to further use.

In line with the principle of data economy and data avoidance, you are only required to provide data that we absolutely need to carry out the contract or fulfil our contractual obligations (i.e. your name, title, address, email address and the payment data required for the chosen payment method) or data which we are legally obliged to collect.

In addition, your IP address is also processed for technical reasons and for legal protection. Without these data, we will unfortunately have to refuse to conclude the contract, since executing it will be infeasible, or we may have to terminate an existing contract. Of course, you can also enter more data of your own accord if desired.


Registration / customer account (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a, b EU-GDPR)

On our website, we offer users the opportunity to register by providing personal data. The advantage is the ability to view the order history and the fact that your data is saved for the order form. This eliminates the need to re-enter the information when re-ordering.

Registration is therefore necessary, either to fulfil a contract with you (via our online shop) or implement pre-contractual measures or possible if guest access is also provided.

Here, in line with the principle of data economy and data avoidance, only the data required for the registration is marked with an asterisk (*) as a mandatory field. These include namely the email address and your first and surnames as well as a password, including password repetition.

To process orders in our online shop we also need information on the invoice address (title, first name, surname, address) for delivery. If the delivery address differs from the billing address, the above information for the delivery address must also be provided.

By registering on our website, the IP address of the user and the date and time of registration are also stored (technical background data). By clicking the "Register now" button, you give your consent to the processing of your data.

Please note: We will store the password you have given us in encrypted form. Our own company employees are unable to read this password. Accordingly, they will be unable to provide information to you in the event you have forgotten your password.

In this case, use the "Forgot password" function, which then sends an automatically generated new password to you by email. No employee is entitled to ask you for your password, either by telephone or in writing. Please never give your password if you receive such requests.

Upon completion of the registration process, your data is stored with us for the purpose of use in the protected customer area. As soon as you log in on our website, using your email address as the user name and password, this data will be made available on our website for actions you perform (e.g. for orders made in our online shop). Completed orders can be tracked in the order history. You can also specify changes to the billing or delivery address here.

Registered persons are free to make arbitrary changes / corrections to the billing or delivery address in the order history. Our customer service department will also be happy to make such changes / corrections on your behalf if you contact them. Of course, you can also cancel or delete the registration or your customer account. To do so, please contact:


Payment systems (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a, b EU-GDPR), credit assessment (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f EU-GDPR)

In our online shop you can pay by invoice, credit card, PayPal or via prepayment. This involves retrieval of the respective data relevant to payment, to enable execution of your order and payment completion. In addition, your IP address is processed for technical reasons and for legal protection.

In line with the principle of data economy and data avoidance, you are only required to provide data that we absolutely need to process the payment and thus carry out the contract or data which we are legally obliged to collect.

Without these data, we will unfortunately have to refuse to conclude the contract, since executing it will be infeasible.

The payment system we use uses SSL encryption to transmit your data securely.


Note on invoice payment: If you choose the invoicing payment method in our online shop, we carry out a credit check. For this purpose, the data relevant to creditworthiness is determined at HIT Hanseatische Inkasso-Treuhand GmbH to determine creditworthiness and default risks.

Note on credit card payment: As is usual for credit card payments, credit card details are checked and a credit check is carried out.

Note on PayPal: PayPal is a company of PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg. If the relevant person selects "PayPal" as a payment option in our online shop during the order process, their data are automatically transmitted to PayPal.

By selecting this payment option, the relevant person consents to the transfer of personal data required for payment processing. The personal data transmitted to PayPal is generally first name, surname, address, email address, IP address, telephone number, mobile phone number or other data required for payment processing.

Personal data concerning the respective order is also necessary for the processing of the purchase contract. Details on data protection at PayPal can be found at: (for the legal situation from 25.5.2018).

Note on prepayment: As is usual with prepayment, you pay for the goods before receipt. Your goods will not be shipped until the purchase price has been credited to our account.


Advertising purposes - existing customers (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f EU-GDPR)

Laurèl GmbH is interested in maintaining customer relations with you and sending you information and offers about our products (e.g. new collections, sales, cooperations, events). Accordingly, we process your data to send you relevant information and offers by email.

If you disagree, you can object at any time to the use of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing; this also applies to profiling insofar as it is connected with direct marketing. If you file an objection, we will no longer process your data for this purpose.

The objection can be made free of charge, without a form and without having to cite reasons and should be sent by email to


Automated decisions on individual cases

We do not use purely automated processing processes when making a decision.


Cookies (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f EU-GDPR / Art. 6 para. 1 lit a EU-GDPR when giving consent)

Our Internet pages use so-called cookies in several places. They serve to make our website more user-friendly, effective and secure. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and saved by your browser (locally on your hard drive).

These cookies enable us to analyse how users use our websites, so we can design the site content in line with the visitors' needs. In addition, cookies also allow us to measure the effectiveness of a particular ad and have it placed depending, for example, in line with the user's thematic interests. 

Most of the cookies we use are so-called "session cookies". These are automatically deleted after your visit. Permanent cookies are automatically deleted from your computer if valid (usually for six months) or if you delete them yourself before they expire.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can usually change the settings of your browser if you prefer not to send the information. You can still use the offers on our website without restrictions (exception: configurators).

We use cookies to make our website more user-friendly, effective and secure. In addition, we use cookies, which enable us to analyse how users use our websites. This helps us design the content in line with visitors’ needs. In addition, cookies also allow us to measure the effectiveness of a particular ad and have it placed depending, for example, in line with the user's thematic interests.

Cookies are stored on the user's computer and transmitted to our site. Accordingly, as the user, you also retain full control over the use of cookies. You can deactivate or restrict the transmission of cookies by changing the settings in your Internet browser. Furthermore, cookies already installed

can be deleted at any time via an Internet browser or other software programs. This is possible in most common Internet browsers.

Please note: If you deactivate the setting of cookies, not all functions of our website may be fully usable.

User profiles / web tracking procedures

Use of Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, i.e. text files which are stored on your computer and which enable analysis of your use of the website. The information generated by the cookie on your use of this website is generally transmitted to a Google server in the USA, where it is stored. In Member States of the European Union or other signatory states to the Treaty on the European Economic Area, however, the IP anonymisation function on the website, if activated, means that your IP address is shortened by Google before transmission of the data. Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address sent to a Google server in the USA and then shortened there. Google uses this information on behalf of the operator of this website to evaluate your usage of the website, compile reports on the website activities and provide the website operator with other services associated with use of the website and of the Internet. The IP address transmitted by your browser in the context of Google Analytics will not be merged with other Google data. You can prevent storage of the cookies by choosing the corresponding setting of your browser software; we would, however, point out that in this case you may then not be able to make full use of all the functions on this website. You can additionally prevent transmission of the data generated by the cookie and relating to your use of the website (including your IP address) to Google and processing of the data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available from the following link: The current link is

In accordance with the analytics terms of use, (, which apply to all users of the analytics service, no personal data may be sent to Analytics. This includes names, social security numbers, email addresses and similar data or information that can be used to permanently identify a particular device, such as unique device identifiers of smartphones, when such values cannot be reset.

An IP anonymisation process also takes place in Google Analytics.

Use of Scarab Research 
Our website uses analysis software from Emarsys eMarketing Systems AG, Märzstrasse 1, 1150 Vienna ("Emarsys"). Emarsys does not store or use your computer's IP address for marketing purposes. The IP addresses collected by Emarsys web servers are only stored very briefly and used solely to identify and prevent any improper use.

Emarsys stores cookies on your computer through your web browser. The cookies and the identification numbers stored in them will not be merged with your name, address, email address or other personally identifiable information unless you have expressly permitted us to send you information specifically tailored to your interests. Emarsys uses these cookies to recognize your browser so that we can track your movements on our website and determine the success of certain marketing measures. We use this information to improve our website and our email newsletters, in particular, by adapting our information and offers to suit the individual interests and needs of users.

Objection to data collection 
You can object to the cookie-based collection and analysis of online data as described above by clicking on When you exercise this option, an anonymous "opt-out" cookie is stored in your web browser, which informs the Emarsys web server of your objection and thereby prevents data collection. The opt-out cookie remains effective in the browser you are using until you delete it with the help of said browser. However, if you delete the cookie or use another browser or computer, Emarsys will no longer be able to recognize that you have declared such an objection. Alternatively, you can set your browser not to accept cookies.

Use of Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps API to display geographical information visually. When visitors use Google Maps, Google also collects, processes and uses data about how they use the map functions. You can find more information about Google's data processing in the Google Privacy Policy. There, you can also change your personal data protection settings in the Data Protection Centre.

Detailed instructions for managing your own data in connection with Google products can be found here.

Use of Vimeo plug-ins

We use Vimeo as a provider, to integrate videos etc. Vimeo is operated by Vimeo, LLC, headquartered at 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011.

On some of our websites we use plug-ins from the provider Vimeo. When you access the websites on our website that include such a plug-in - for example our media library - a connection to the Vimeo servers is established and the plug-in is displayed. This will transmit details of which of our web pages you have visited to the Vimeo server. If you are logged in as a member of Vimeo, Vimeo will assign this information to your personal user account. When using plug-ins, e.g.

Clicking the Start button of a video will also associate this information with your user account. You can prevent this assignment by logging out of your Vimeo account and deleting the corresponding Vimeo cookies before using our website.

The purpose and scope of the data collection and further processing and use of the data by Vimeo as well as your associated rights and options to configure your privacy protection settings can be found in Vimeo's data protection information.:


Email communication

Laurèl's email communication may include so-called hyperlinks ("links"), which contain random but unique identification numbers. Laurèl and Emarsys may collect and store these identification numbers when your computer accesses these links to retrieve additional information from our servers. The identification numbers in these links will not be matched with your name, address or other personally identifiable information unless you have expressly permitted us to send you information specific to your interests. We use these links and information about your accesses to track your use of our emails and website and track and measure the success of certain marketing measures. We use this information to improve our website and our email newsletters, in particular, by adapting our information and offers to suit the individual interests and needs of users.

The data will be processed on the basis of your consent (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR). You can revoke this consent at any time by cancelling the newsletter. The legality of the data processing processes already implemented remains unaffected by the revocation.



Links to other providers

Our website also contains - clearly recognisable - links to the websites of other companies. Where links to websites of other providers exist, we have no influence on their contents. Accordingly, no guarantee and liability can be assumed for their contents. The respective provider or operator of the pages is always responsible for the contents of these pages.

At the time of linking, the linked pages were checked for possible legal and other recognisable infringements. No illegal contents had been identified at the time of establishing the links. However, permanent monitoring of the content of the linked pages is unreasonable without concrete evidence of a legal violation. Upon notification of violations of the law, such links will be removed immediately.


Right of access

Upon request, we can also inform you in writing about whether personal data concerning you is stored and provide details thereof.

You can download or print the data protection declaration here as a PDF.