Designer Portrait

Elisabeth Schwaiger

The Laurèl woman embodies the new femininity - this is the philosophy of Elisabeth Schwaiger: strong yet feminine, cool yet sensual, tough yet empathetic, ambitious yet gentle. One does not exclude the other. This is why her collections are always luxurious, feminine and rich in contrasts.

Together with her design team and an assured sense of what lies ahead, Elisabeth Schwaiger creates unique trend collections twice a year, translating fashion extremes into wearable garments and also featuring modern classics. High-quality materials such as leather, jersey and silk-stretch as well as exclusive prints underscore the individual style of the wearer, while unusual cuts highlight the silhouette - without being provocative but always with a certain attention to detail.

This aspiration, along with her own personality and a love of design, has paved the way for Elisabeth Schwaiger to create a success story with Laurèl.

Now, over 30 years later, the company is more powerful and modern than ever before. But Elisabeth Schwaiger's signature is still unmistakable.